April 9, 2018

Why Crushvertise?



The Crushvertise team is full of brilliant, dedicated people focused on revolutionizing the world of digital marketing. Along the way, we’ll have a lot of fun, give out thousands of high fives, and empower extraordinary people to do extraordinary work. So, what are you waiting for? Join us now!


Do what you love
Do what you love! We support you in pursuing your passion. Know what excites you? We’ll help
you build your career around it.
Map your own future
We’ll help you get where you want to go. Still exploring? We’ll help you on your way.
Be who you are
We like you just the way you are. Crushvertise embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms.
Impact the world
Want to make a difference? So do we. Join a team that makes empowering others a top priority.


Job Openings

Jr. Site Editor

Directly support the Facebook media buying team. Assisting in client-facing HTML, JS, CSS edits for websites. Follow clear and direct instructions from media buyers, their supports, interact directly with the teams to execute needed tasks.
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Jr Account Manager

Partner directly with leadership on creative branding and logo designs. Improving creative design and , tracking and support at an elite level to support clients. Clearly and precisely build and test Facebook & Instagram lead generation ad campaigns. Interact directly with customers, sending them reports, responding to questions and mitigating concerns…
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Jr Assistant Media Buyer

Directly support the Facebook media buying team. Assisting in advertiser campaign builds, launches and optimizations. Clearly and precisely implementing creative assets and adjusting bidding. Interact directly with media buyers, sending them reports, responding to questions and adjusting their campaigns…
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Jr Media Buyer

Drive proven profitable ad campaigns and get paid based on their performance. Lead the coordination and formation of successful direct response Facebook ad campaigns for partners. Design ad creatives, static images, videos, landing pages that convert and drive traffic to purchase. Review campaign performance metrics and make media buying decisions based on data…
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Social Admin

Follow clear and direct instructions to support maintaining and launching of social media accounts. Log in and out of respective social media accounts all while keeping track of steps in the process and check list. Learn how to effective log in / out of remote networks using your computer and take respective account actions…
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